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January 24, 2011


Awe, that's awesome, Connie! To all of you presenting at trade shows - take some pics and send them to us. We'd love to post a little montage later on to showcase the best customers ever. - Jennifer Cooley

We are preparing for an upcoming trade show and the ideas that I've gotten from this blog are awesome. Land's End has provided the logo shirts for our trade show booth team and they really did make the booth look more professional. Thanks Lands End!

I like the quality I KNOW I will get from Lands' End. Whether it's a promotional item or business apparel, the quality is top notch. I know my promo items will be appreciated and used rather than being chucked as a cheap imitation of something cool. Our booth attendants always look professional in their Lands' End uniforms - and the men and women have style that fit them both, but still match.

I'm with Maggie. I don't like to see items head into the garbage needlessly, so we try and make choices on promo items that will have quality and extended life with our customers. In-house we try to provide lasting items like coffee mugs to cut down on the number of paper and foam cups that end up in the garbage.

I live in the Caribbean, but attend trade shows in the US. I have ordered items as give aways from Lands End, to save time and money I have the items delivered to my hotel (most have concierge services that will hold parcels as long as they know to expect them). This means that I don't have to pay excess baggage, and I can travel light.

(PS - I own a water sports company, my staff love their Lands End uniforms, however I would really like to see some board shorts and water friendly clothing as part of your uniform range).

I definitely agree on having promotional products that are useful, practical, and airplane friendly. Items that are only decorative in nature will likely be thrown out at some point. I think the best giveaway items are totes, mugs, and USB flash drives. Leave a dish of candy out as well!

I've found that making sure a booth is properly staffed to handle the traffic is beneficial. Having staff placed in the walking areas to draw in traffic has been great as well. Sometimes people don't know where the booth is or stop visiting booths before they get to yours depending upon your location at the venue. Staff would have attention getting items or like a give a way coupon, free trial and direct them to the booth. People love free stuff (A free logo setup-great value that people will want) & food but you've directed them to the booth. FOOD WORKS WELL! Have a sample tray and say take this coupon and get $1off or free full sample. The possibilities are endless.

The quality of the Lands End Products make our ministry have an awesome presentation with professionalism! The look, quality, feel and the price meets the needs for all involved. The updated variety of style allows is to look and feel our best without feeling like we have a "uniform" on. When you think about the prices they are no more than any other clothing store, sometimes less. The added benefit of knowing you look good and represent your ministry well keeps us a Lands End Customer.
Pastor Kourtney
Joint Heirs With Christ Ministries
Orlando, Fl

The company I work for loves Land's End. I have for many years before I worked here always was ordering promotional items for Shows. I feel it should fit with the company if at all possible. I just thought of a great idea that I will have to check with Land's end to see if they have ice cream scoops we can put our logo on for our next show. We sample out so much and these would be great for give aways. We give shirts away and other great gifts but I really like this one. Keep us the awesome work.

Right, @Maggie. Who wants to see their logo getting thrown away. Nice comment. -Jaime

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